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Thursday 23 August by CBS SportsLine.com

Marat Safin: Hello everyone! I am ready for your questions!

Question: Are you looking foward to the U.S. Open?

Marat Safin: Yes. I plan to try to win it again!

Question: Marat, how is your back feeling? Are you at 100% health wise?

Marat Safin: Yes, my back is fine. I am feeling ok and am ready to play.

Question: Do you still wear the necklace your sister gave you? Does it still give you luck?

Marat Safin: Yes, I do still wear it. But lately I haven't had much luck.

Question: Who's your best friend in tennis?

Marat Safin: My best friend is Golovianov. He plays challenger tournaments. I used to sponsor him.

Question: Has your family remained a big part of your life since you moved to Spain?

Marat Safin: I see my family about every month.

Question: Marat, are you a party animal? Do you enjoy parties and clubs?

Marat Safin: No. Not really anymore. In the past, years ago, when I was younger (haha) I liked parties.

Question: What did you do at the Playboy mansion? Did you like it?

Marat Safin: Yes I liked it. Meeting Hugh Hefner was a big honor for me.

Question: What is the most memorable fan experience you have had?

Marat Safin: I am still waiting for the most memorable one!

Question: Do you already have a name for your future bar?

Marat Safin: The Balcony Club

Question: Have you got a ritual before going on the court?

Marat Safin: I always try not to forget to go to the bathroom before going on the court. That is my ritual.

Question: Marat, what do you do in your spare time?

Marat Safin: I try to have as much fun as I can. I like soccer and taking walks. I like to travel.

Question: Hi Marat, do you feel any pressure knowing that so many people are watching you everyday, and so many children around the world idolize you?

Marat Safin: I love what I do and I like my life and the person that I am. I appreciate the fact there are people who look up to me and like me the way I am. Because of that I try to do my best, on and off the court, to make people happy.

Question: Do you often go on the internet? Do you ever visit the sites for you?

Marat Safin: I just started spending time on the internet. I just got connected. Yes, I have seen some of the sites. But not too many yet.

Question: Do you have any plans of marriage?

Marat Safin: I think I am too young to think about that right now.

Question: If you could take all of us to one place to play tennis, where would that be? Why?

Marat Safin: I would bring you all to New York to play on the courts at the US Open.

Question: Is there a moment in your life that you will always remember ?

Marat Safin: I would pick the 2000 US Open Championship. It does not get any better than that.

Question: Marat, how has tennis impacted your outlook on life?

Marat Safin: I love that my talent in tennis allows me to make a living at something I love and am passionate about. Outside of that I try to live a normal life.

Question: Marat, what was your best match of the year? Your most disappointing match?

Marat Safin: My best match of the year I am waiting for. The worst was against Johansson, a fellow Dunlop Tour player, at Dubai

Question: What is one thing you'd like to tell all your fans?

Marat Safin: I appreciate all of your support. I hope you will be cheering for me at the US Open.

Marat Safin: I appreciate you all coming and waiting around to chat with me. Thank you for being patient. It is really great having you all supporting me. I will do my best in the upcoming Open. Goodbye!

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